The conversation we want to have isn’t about getting rid of police. What this organization wants to talk about is getting rid of the barriers to upholding decisions made by the Chief of Police about the running of his department. The barriers that shield problematic police officers, placing them above the law and creating inequality of justice. ​That barrier is the contract with the police union and Chapters 143 & 174 which hinder police accountability. Our goal is to repeal these laws and bring accountability to the San Antonio Police Department.

"good officers don't need these PROTECTIONS"

William McManus

SAPD Chief of Police

San Antonio Express News Interview


these laws give OVER 70% of fired SAPD officers

 their jobs back

you can change that

The Petitions

As the country cries out for police reform, San Antonio has an opportunity to shape the conversation with respect to police union contracts and how they enable inappropriate behavior. Just as we were a model for building the disproportionate power of police unions in the United States, we can be the model for police accountability. Clearing a path for reform is as simple as opting out of these laws.

Join the Movement

Are you ready to make a difference? RSVP to our next volunteer training course so you may join our petitioning team during our early voting events.

Sign the Petitions

You may print the petitions at home. Sign it, encourage 4 more people to sign, then bring to us at any of our petition drive events.


We are collecting donations to cover the costs of petitioning and running a campaign.




San Antonio’s collective bargaining agreement includes many protections that some scholars have deemed problematic. 


Most states permit police officers to bargain collectively over the terms of their employment, including the content of internal disciplinary procedures.


Research links police brutality and police unions


The political power of police unions.


Every year, more than a thousand people are killed by a police officer in the United States. 


Chapter 174 establishes a lopsided collective bargaining scheme that favors police unions and negates accountability.

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